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Review | Jet {Marked Men #2}

Jet by Jay Crownover (Marked Men #2)
Review by Alyssa
May 2013 by William Morrow Paperbacks
416 pages
Amazon + Good Reads

"With his tight leather pants and a sharp edge that makes him dangerous, Jet Keller is every girl’s rock and roll fantasy. But Ayden Cross is done walking on the wild side with bad boys. She doesn’t want to give in to the heat she sees in Jet’s dark, haunted eyes. She’s afraid of getting burned from the sparks of their spontaneous combustion, even as his touch sets her on fire.

Jet can’t resist the Southern Belle with mile-long legs in cowboy boots who defies his every expectation. Yet the closer he feels to Ayden, the less he seems to know her. While he’s tempted to get under her skin and undo her in every way, he knows firsthand what happens to two people with very different ideas about relationships.

Will the blaze burn into an enduring love. . . or will it consume their dreams and turn them to ashes?"

-Good Reads

{Slow claps.}

After reading the amazingness that was Rule, I did not have high hopes for Jet. I knew that I'd enjoy pretty much anything that Crownover put onto paper but... could it live up to Rule? Could she really create another pantie dropping, tattoo covered, "Oh my GOD," kind of guy? I didn't have hopes but in my desperation for anything that resembled Rule, I purchased Jet immediately after finishing the first book and proceeded to inhale it. And Jay Crownover did not disappoint. 

Jet followed the same basic story line as Rule - a f*cked up guy meets a girl who could not be more different from him, the two enter into an explosive relationship, and have to somehow find a happy medium. But the two books (the stories, the characters, etc.) felt different enough that I didn't get bored - which is a feat that I don't think readers appreciate enough. I loved Rule, but did I really want to read the same story but with different names and looks slapped on it? Nope. And I was not disappointed by Jet. 

As we know from the first story, Jet Keller is an incredibly talented musician who hangs out with the likes of Rule Archer. Meaning, he's a rough around the edges kind of guy who keeps tough company, and whose sex life seems to be a perpetual revolving door of drop dead gorgeous bar flies. And this exact lifestyle keeps Ayden - yes, Shaw's best friend - on just this side of going insane. The attraction between the two roommates is undeniable but, after Ayden basically threw herself at Jet the year before, Jet has made it clear that nothing will ever happen between the two... their friendship is too valuable to risk screwing up. And this is where I say.... famous last words.

I could go on and on about what I loved about Jet (read my Rule review if you are still an unbeliever), but I don't think that I need to. I loved Rule, and I think Jet was great too. Jay Crownover has proven that she knows how to write the kind of bad boy that keeps me crawling back on my knees for more. Her stories are intoxicating and I may or may not have fangirled a little too hard when I found out that there are to be six Marked Men books. SIX?! Ladies, we've hit the author jackpot with Crownover.

Let me know what your thoughts were about Jet - this series has not received enough attention! 

Oh, yeah - I'll be posting a Casting Call Saturday for both Rule and Jet this Saturday (3/8) so keep an eye open for that!


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