Saturday, March 8, 2014

Casting Call Saturday | Rule & Jet {Marked Men #1 & #2}

Rule {Marked Men #1} by Jay Crownover
December 2012 by Jay Crownover Books
327 pages
Review by Alyssa
Amazon + Good Reads

Jet {Marked Men #2} by Jay Crownover
May 2013 by William Morrow Paperbacks
416 pages
Review by Alyssa
Amazon + Good Reads

I'd say that I struggled to put this Casting Call together... but is it really a struggle when I spent hours pouring over beautifully tattooed men... "researching" to find the right fit for Rule and Jet? 

Somehow, I prevailed. 


Uh... Who is this guy? Because I would desperately like to Google more of his face and yet... and yet he remains nameless. He is beautiful. He wasn't initially who I pictured as Rule but as soon as I looked at him, the pieces just fell into place. I don't even know if he has tattoos anywhere else. But, for me, the package is all here - the tattoo, the piercings, the expression that makes you think that there is more than what meets the eye, the kind of face you could lick... 
Did I just say that out loud? 
*James Edward Quaintance - that is who this is.


Emily Browning.
This isn't a GIF and that's usually not my M.O. for Casting Calls... but this photo is just stunning. Emily Browning, man. Emily Browning. She is so pretty (as a brunette and a blonde) and she exudes this innocence that would be perfect for Shaw. I mean, the innocence at first glance. She's just so pretty - have I said that once or twice? Okay, that's all. She just screams Shaw for me. (Her lips.) I have a new girl crush.


Jared Leto.
Not convinced? Here's more.

Jared Leto is the front man of the band 30 Seconds to Mars. He's a singer... and I want him as Jet... He's basically perfect. Oh, yeah - and the boy can act. (And by boy, I mean he's at least 40.) Don't believe me? Look into Requiem For a Dream - he was perfection. Also, he kind of currently resembles Jesus but is so, so damn hot. I kind of feel like I should confess that I picked Jared Leto primarily because I've been crushing on him big time... but he kind of fits the ticket. 

I love him.

And here's Jared Leto singing: 
(From Yesterday by 30 Seconds to Mars)

And in case you still need convincing:

Let's all give ourselves a moment to cool off.


Lana Del Rey.
I won't lie - Lana Del Rey is beautiful but she kind of scares me. And, I think that Ayden is really beautiful... and if I knew her in real life, she'd kind of scare me too. The whole attitude, I don't take shit from no one, type of thing. Yep. 

I've really missed Casting Call Saturdays. It's too bad that my Rome and Nash (books #3 and #4) C.C.S. will have to wait until Nash comes out... (ticks another day off of her calendar).

You're welcome for the eye candy. /bows


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