Review Policy

Hello and thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my blog. If you are interested in having me review your book, here is some more information about what I do.

If you have contacted me via another social media website (Good Reads, YouTube, etc.), I cannot guarantee that your message will be responded to in a timely fashion - those messages tend to get lost in the shuffle! Please contact me via my email -

I am currently open to accepting copies for review. I am willing to read most genres but am most interested in: Contemporary Romance, New Adult Fiction, and Adult Chick-Lit. I will agree to accept a copy only if my schedule permits it and if your synopsis sounds like something that I will enjoy. I cannot adhere to any sort of review timelines or deadlines but I will get to your book as soon as I can!

I write honest reviews that are posted on this blog, Good Reads, and Amazon. I then promote the review using my Facebook page and Twitter. I employ a 5 star rating scale that consists of:
1/5 - Could not finish
2/5 - Was able to finish but was not enjoyable
3/5 - Was an enjoyable and fun read, but nothing special
4/5 - Not quite a favorite but definitely loved it
5/5 - Insta-favorite

I hope that this information has cleared up any questions for you... but if you still need clarification, please email me at

Thanks again,

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