Friday, October 25, 2013

Free Book Alert | Benajah's Keeper

Benajah's Keeper by Aeryn Dougan
October 2012
"Evanna Amaranthine, a ruthless, 600 year old vampire, has a new assignment: to leave the walls of Benajah, her beloved vampire guild, enter the realm of humans to stalk down her prey, Rian Delmar, and kill him. At first, the prospect of being around humans any longer than the time it takes to drain them repulses Evanna, but after moving in with her new human-loving vampire housemate, she soon becomes hopelessly entangled with Messiah Scarborough, his strikingly good-looking artist friend. When dreams of a past life begin to plague her as she continues her crusade, can she control emotions that threaten to overwhelm her? Filled with fast-paced action and steeped in suspense, Benajah's Keeper by Aeryn Dougan is an urban fantasy that will capture readers' hearts as it addresses the significance of family, fate, and loyalty. Dramatic, gritty, and deeply passionate, this unique take on the vampire legend will definitely leave you wanting more."
-Good Reads

For the one year anniversary of her book, Dougan is doing a FREE PROMOTIONAL of her book! This is for an e-book version of Benajah's Keeper and it will be available from 10/25/13 - 10/27/13.

Click HERE to get your free copy!

Let her know that ACReads sent you :D

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