Friday, July 26, 2013

Casting Call Saturday | Scarlet

Hey, guys!

One of my favorite parts of reading is deciding which actors and actresses I would pick for my dream cast. I know that some of you out there feel the same way that I do and so I've decided to start a new weekly feature on this blog: Casting Call Saturday... and I want you to join me! All you have to do is choose a book - any book - and show us pictures of your dream cast. Easy, right?!

Just add your name to the list below and help me kick start this as a new weekly meme!

This Saturday's Casting Call is for Scarlet by Marissa Meyer -

Here are my picks:

For the role of Linh Cinder, I have to go with Jewel Staite as seen in Firefly. I know that she's perhaps a bit too old for the role but Kayley Frye is basically Cinder, right?

For the role of Emperor Kai, I'm picking Will from IM5. This is totally showing my inner teeny bopper but this kid is such a cutie and almost exactly how I picture Kai.

For the role of Scarlet Benoit, I'm choosing Emma Roberts. Before you say it, yes I know she isn't a red head... but how hard is it to slap some dye on her? She's pretty and I think that she has the acting skill to pull off the smart talking, ass kicking Scarlet.

And here we are at Wolf... I have struggled, torn my hair out, and spent ridiculous amounts of time on Tumblr searching for the perfect Wolf... and sadly I haven't found a single actor who screams "WOLF!" at me... but Tyler Hoechlin sure came close.

And finally, we come to Captain Carswell Thorne. This sweet talker was easy for me - Alex Pettyfer.

Me looking up all of the hot boys: 

That's it for now, guys! Thanks for checking it out.

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