Thursday, January 10, 2013

Calling all experienced bloggers: I need help!

If you guys missed my 2013 Bookish Resolutions, I resolved to put myself onto a semi-strict blog/Youtube schedule. I said that I would upload at least one Youtube video each week, and post new content to my blog three times a week.

Ten days into the New Year... and I'm going strong. Until right now.

In order to become a more efficient and organized blogger/Youtuber, I purchased a pocket calendar with the good intention of mapping out the content that I will post for the month... And, seeing all of those days spread out before me, I'm suddenly feeling extremely overwhelmed.

So, I need advice. How did you manage to organize yourself? Which content do you upload regularly?

And finally, do you have any advice for a blogging newbie like myself?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.



  1. I started making an excel spread sheet so I can plan out days so Reviews and memes and blogtours don't all get posted on one day and you should do the #Fridayreads on youtube I think those are awesome!

  2. I've found it super helpful to make an editorial calendar I know this post is geared to craft bloggers but it may help . On mine since I do both craft and books I write when key books I want to blog about are coming out what memes I'm participating in in addition to my non-book posts and leave a day or two open or flexible for inspiration. Hope that helps some!