Thursday, February 23, 2017

Life Update

Hey, all - Alyssa here.

I've stepped largely away from YouTube and blogging just because life took such an intense turn that my hobby had to sit on the back burner. The very last, all the way in the back - back burner. For a long time, I even stopped reading.

Last year was a whirlwind for me - I graduated from school, I began my first big-girl career, I got married and had a whole slew of events that go along with marriage (bridal showers, bachelorette parties, etc., etc.). And while I wouldn't trade my 2016 for anything in the world, I let blogging and reading fall to the wayside.

But now? I'm hoping to be back. I'm settled in my new life with my husband. I've got my feet underneath me at my job. And I've begun reading again... and with that, I've reignited my love of sharing my thoughts on books with the book nerd community. I won't be back on YouTube - that part of my reviewing life has come and gone, and I'm simply not interested in what BookTube holds these days (no shade - I promise). But blogging has always come easy for me.

So, look for posts that share what I've been receiving in the mail and reviews about what I've been reading. I'm accepting ARCs again - albeit selectively. And you can always find me on Good Reads where I post updates daily on the books I'm currently devouring.

For now - let me know what you've been reading and what you've been up to, and I will see you all very soon.


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