Monday, January 4, 2016


Two years ago, a small group of friends decided to create a year long reading challenge with the aims of knocking out our TBR piles and participating in reads that we could do together. Now, we are entering our second THIRD year of hosting the thon and have more than 2,500 members who participate. Are you interested? Check out the Good Reads group here.

Hello, and welcome! This month's #AYEARATHON theme is "bench warmers." Basically, pick a book that has been collecting dust on your shelf for way too long. January's #AYEARATHON will run from 1/4 until 1/10. I hope that you participate! You can check out the Good Reads group here. 

This month, I am FINALLY going to read a book that my friend (and #AYEARATHON co-host) sent me ages ago and has been pestering me about.

A Kiss of Shadows by Laurell K. Hamilton
March 2006 by Ballantine Books
468 pages
Amazon + Good Reads

"My name is Meredith Gentry, but of course it's not my real name. I dare not even whisper my true name after dark for fear that one hushed word will travel over the night winds to the soft ear of my aunt, the Queen of Air and Darkness. She wants me dead. I don't even know why...

I fled the high court of Faerie three years ago and have been in hiding ever since. As Merry Gentry, I am a private investigator for the Grey Detective Agency: Supernatural Problems, Magical Solutions. My magical skills, scorned at the courts of Faerie, are valued in the human world. Even by human standards, my magic isn't flashy, which is fine by me. Flashy attracts attention and I can't afford that.

Rumour has it that I am dead. Not quite. I am Princess Meredith NicEssus. To speak that name after dark is to call down a knock upon your door from a hand that can kill you with a touch. I have been careful, but not careful enough. The shadows have found me, and they are going to take me back home, one way or another.

So the running is over. But the fighting has just begun...

Rich, sensual, brimming with dangerous magic, A Kiss of Shadows is a dazzling tour-de-force where folklore, fantasy and erotically charged adventure collide."

-Good Reads

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