Monday, May 26, 2014

#Influenster Unboxing! | Go VoxBox

Hey, all! 

Today I wanted to share what I received in the Influenster Go VoxBox! I was fortunate enough to qualify for this particular VoxBox and the products that Influenster included were awesome. As always, I need to include that I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes and I am receiving no compensation for my opinions on the products that I will be sharing. So, without further ado... 

These are the awesome products that I received in my Go VoxBox! 

This is the ProFoot Pedi-Rock. I have never seen, used, heard of a pumice stone that was... wait for it, SOFT. That's right, you heard me - this thing is squishy. I haven't been able to use it yet, but please stay tuned for my wrap up post to hear my thoughts.

Now this product is actually a repeat for me as the Playtex Sport Fresh Balance tampons were included in the UniVoxBox. To me, a tampon is a tampon - a company has to seriously screw up for me to feel any certain way about them. Are they a good product? Yes. But are they anything special to me? Eh, probably not.

This is another product from the same company that sent the Pedi-Rock. This is the ProFoot Triad Orthotic. I'm excited to throw these into my running shoes as the weather is finally beautiful and I can start spending more time outdoors. 

I actually have tried out this product and it was awesome. These are the Blue Diamond Blueberry Almonds and they are delicious. I'm not typically a fan of eating nuts by themselves but these are so good. I will definitely be re-purchasing these! 

The last picture I have is of a shake bottle and shake mix from Next Step. I am very intrigued by this kind of product as I have never used anything like it before! 

The only product that I didn't take an individual photo of is a body creme by Aqua Spa in the scent Lavender and Chamomile. I'm not super crazy about the smell but I haven't used it yet - I'm only judging it from a quick smell after opening the box. However, I will give it a fair shot and will let you know, along wiht the other products, what my thoughts were.

Thanks for reading everyone and I'll see you next time!

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