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Review | Si-cology 1

Si-cology 1 by Si Robertson and Mark Schlabach
Review by Alyssa
(This audio book was received for review from Simon & Schuster Audio.)
September 2013
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"You know him from the hit A&E show Duck Dynasty—now you can enjoy Uncle Si’s tall tales, crazy exploits, and quirky one-liners in one raucous collection!“These hands are so fast, I can get your wallet before you know it. In a minute, you’ll be standing there buck naked and won’t know what hit you!” “Look here—if it wasn’t for my tripped knee, I’d be playing in the NBA today.” “Hey, Jack!” Any of these sound familiar? If they do—or even if they don’t—you’re in for a good laugh. The brother of patriarch Phil Robertson, Uncle Si has a limitless supply of stories about his childhood, duck hunting adventures, his days in Vietnam, and everything in between. Now the best of those tales are gathered into this roaring collection.

Si shares stories of the more than twenty-five marriage proposals he’s received in the mail (some with photos!), how he came to use a green Tupperware cup for his ever-present sweet tea, and how his cigarette smoke made a deer cough (he’s since quit smoking). And in many of these never-before-heard tales, Si openly talks about his wife and two children—who are never seen and rarely mentioned on the show.

Si’s one-liners are sure to please die-hard fans and curious newbies alike. In no time, this smattering of zany stories will have you falling over with laughter and retelling them to all your friends."
-Good Reads

To say that I like the A&E hit show Duck Dynasty is an understatement - I love it. The Robertson clan and company represent the polar opposite of everything that I have ever known. For example, exactly zero men in my family hunt. I have never, ever seen anyone that I hold near and dear sporting camouflage couture (and I highly doubt that I ever will). And, most importantly, beards exist within my family for the extent of no shave November... and then they are gone. Yes, I am a city girl. When I first stumbled across Duck Dynasty, I expected a freak show chock full of unintelligent hicks running around, getting themselves shot (I'm incredibly judgmental, I know this). But I quickly realized that the Robertson family is very easy to love - they are individuals, intelligent entrepreneurs, unflinchingly loyal to their faith and moral code, and despite their shenanigans, a family who sticks together no matter what. This was a show that I could (and did) get behind, and I have loved it ever since. 

So, when the opportunity arose to review Si-cology 1, my answer was, "Duh, jack!" 

Si-cology 1 is a collection of stories told by and about one Silas Merritt Robertson. Si chronicles stories that begin in his childhood, giving readers a picture of what it was like to grow up around older brothers, in the country, and in a family who loved to hunt. The stories then progress throughout his life time: we are given anecdotes about his time in Vietnam, his long military career, how he met his wife, Christine, and what their marriage was and is like, as well as two incredibly touching chapters devoted to his two children (did you know that Uncle Si is a dad?!). 

The absolute best part about this book is that it offers a true portrait of the man behind the legend. The character of Uncle Si offers viewers only the smallest glimpse of Si's true personality. He's hilarious, whacky, and marches to the beat of his own drum... but it wasn't until recently that it was even revealed that Si is married... and I don't think that his two children or eight grandchildren have been mentioned once during the tenure of the show (I may be wrong about that, though). After hearing the stories that Si included in his book, I can have a deeper appreciation for Si Robertson. 

As far as the voice actor goes, he was perfect. Again, I may be wrong on this detail, but I believe that the man who read Si-cology 1 is one of Si's family members (a son-in-law? a nephew?). He had an accent to rival Si's - at some points, I forgot that it wasn't actually Si who was speaking - and had the correct inflection so that Si's mannerisms spoke through the story. 

I would recommend this book to any lover of Duck Dynasty and especially of Uncle Si. Now, if you're not willing to accept that there is a whole man behind what is represented on the show, you'll probably be disappointed. Si is not stupid, he's a devoted family man, and though some of his craziness shines through, he wasn't completely what I expected. Another aspect of this book worth mentioning is the blatant Christianity that runs through out the short stories. Si is a Christian and is very serious about his faith so understandably, his memoirs have his religion at the very core. He often quoted the Bible and referenced how he relied on God through out the majority of his life. If you are uncomfortable with religious themes, I don't think that this book is for you. 

After reading Si-cology 1, I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of Happy, Happy, Happy - Phil Robertson's book. I love gaining insight into the lives of the people behind the show and can only hope that Miss Kay is the next Robertson to step up to the book writing plate.

Are you a fan of Duck Dynasty? Let me know what your favorite Uncle Si moment is!

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