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Review | Froggy Style (A F**ked Up Fairytale #2)

Froggy Style by J.A. Kazimer
Review by Alyssa
(Alyssa read an ARC copy sent to her by Bunny Cates)
February 2013 by Kensington 
288 pages
Amazon + Good Reads

"Jean-Michel La Grenouille has a lot going for him. He’s a prince. Handsome. Filthy rich. And definitely charming. But he also spent his first few years as a fly-catching, pond-dwelling frog. All that saved him was the kiss of The One, the girl who saw nobility through his slimy form and fell into True Love. Okay, fine. Technically she was a toddler who tried to eat him, but whatever. The curse broke, and as long as he finds and marries her by his 30th birthday, he’s a free man.
Trouble is, he’s going to be 30 in ten days, and he’s getting some seriously cold-blooded feet. He’s pretty sure Princess Sleeping Beauty is The One. But his best man has some villain issues, his in-laws-to-be belong in a really special castle, and a smoking-hot lady biker named Lollie Bliss has him rethinking all this happily-ever-after stuff. Oh, and he may have accidentally put out a hit on his blushing bride. Oopsie."
-Good Reads

Once again, I have to give a huge thanks to my good friend, Bunny, for lending me Froggy Style. If not for her, the name J.A. Kazimer (probably) wouldn't have meant anything to me nor would I have been introduced to this amazing series. Thanks, Bunny! Secondly, if you haven't read the first book in this series - Curses! - please stop reading this review and go grab a copy! Seriously, do it. Now! 

Froggy Style follows the story of Prince Jean-Michel La Grenouille who is about to turn 30 and kick start a curse that was bestowed on him as an infant. Maybe you guessed it by the title of book or maybe you're just that good at French, but our Jean-Michel is none other than the Frog Prince himself. Forced to abandon his bachelor ways, Jean-Michel must find and marry his One  - that is, the one young lady who is able to break his curse and save him from eternal frogdom. But of course, nothing is that easy and Jean-Michel's trip to Cin City (ha, ha!) is filled with mystery and less than savory characters... much in the spirit of Curses! 

Froggy Style was a great sequel to Curses! RJ and Asia make a small cameo but the story revolves almost entirely around a new cast of characters, plot twists, and general shenanigans. Each of the new characters that Kazimer introduced felt totally unique and stood apart from one another. I think that this is worth mentioning because, let's be honest - how many fairy tale retellings have we read? A ton. Kazimer was able to successfully create new characters who stayed true-ish to their fairy tale origins but who also fit perfectly into the world that she created... and none of them felt repetitive! My hat goes off to Kazimer - simply put, it is her amazing writing skill that makes these books as great as they are.

I have no idea if Kazimer has plans to write another story set in the F**ked Up Fairytale but I really, really, really hope that she does. I have never read a story that feels quite like this series - a perfect blending of beloved fairytales, Shrek, and adult humor - and I cannot get enough of it! Again, I must caution you - if you are sensitive to strong language and sexual allusions - please steer clear of this... But if the idea of an adult version of Shrek sounds amazing to you? Go out and get this series - now! 

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