Saturday, August 24, 2013

Casting Call Saturday | Bared to You

Hey, guys! It's time for Casting Call Saturday and today's pick? Bared to You by Sylvia Day... I love this book series and cannot wait for the fourth book to come out.

For the role of Eva Tramell, I've chosen Amber Heard.
I think that Amber would be perfect for the role of Eva... She has a look that can be either as sweet as the girl next door or as sexy and sultry as we all know that Eva can be.

For the role of Gideon Cross, I've chosen David Gandy.
I really just want everyone to take a minute to appreciate David Gandy's face (his body isn't bad either...). Okay? Okay. Gideon is the first character cast that I had zero issues choosing for... I have pictured Gandy as Gideon from day one... which made reading the trilogy incredibly pleasant.

For the role of Carrie, I've chosen Ian Samerhaulder (as Boone from LOST). 
We can all admit that Ian Samerhaulder is beautiful... but Ian as Damon just wouldn't cut it for this role. I think that Ian as Boone, however, perfectly captures the pretty boy with an edge look that Carrie embodies. 

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  1. I love Ian Somerhalder so much. He's the whole deal, too. Like, I think (in my wildest dreams) we could actually be friends. As long as I could keep myself from drooling on him, that is.